exoplan 2018 crack
exoplan crack
An integrated solution for 3D implant planning

exoplan supports the pre-operative planning of dental implants and uses the visualization of the implant placement within images of the patient’s anatomy.
The process is based on CT/CBCT datasets originating from other medical devices, and can be supported by optical scans of the patient’s anatomy as well as a virtual prosthetic proposal. exoplan allows a full planning process as well as export of geometrical data to be used for the manufacturing of surgical guides.

Optimal planning of implant positions
Load DICOM data from a wide selection of CT/DVT machines
Advanced 2D and 3D visualization
Easy matching of optical scan data and CT/CBCT data
Multiple analytical features
Straightforward workflow
Step-by-step user guidance through the entire process
Seamlessly integrated with exocad DentalCAD

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